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Account Information

This gives information on how to access and maintain your account. We highly recommend changing your password periodically to maintain security.

Domain: 域名,你购买的时候填写的域名,你的主域名

Username: lgnar69 用户名

Password: k39q63r10 密码

Server: asrist 服务器名


Account Assistance

Lunarpages has many tools for our customers to assist them with their website. Please see the following:

Telephone support is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am . 5:00 pm PST/PDT and Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am . 5:00 pm PST/PDT. Please note that the billing department is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am . 5:00 pm PST/PDT.


View Your Website

Please note that until you upload your information you will see an empty directory.

You should upload all files into the public_html directory of your file manager. Please also see FTP Instructions for more details.

将所有的网站文件上传到public_html 目录,public_html 是网站根目录

If you are purchasing a new domain or changing nameservers on an existing domain, it can take up to 72 hours for the domain to propagate fully. During this time you may not be able to view your site or receive email. For your convenience, we have provided a temporary URL until this is complete (Please note that this URL will not be able to display PHP, ASP, or JSP pages):


Once propagation is complete you may view your site at the following email links:




Lunarpages Administration Panel

Lunarpages uses CPanel, an easy to use customer account interface.

The administration panel lets you manage your entire website, modify and setup account features and much more.

Instruction Manual:


Helpful Tutorials:


Access Your Control Panel:



Email Instructions

Your new account offers POP3, IMAP and SMTP access.

POP3 Mail Host: POP3地址
SMTP Mail Host: SMTP地址:
Webmail Interface:


Outlook Express E-Mail Setup Help:

Outlook Express设置帮助:

Outlook 2002 E-Mail Setup Help:

Outlook 2002 设置

Netscape E-Mail Setup Help:


Web Based E-Mail:


How To Create New E-Mail Accounts:


Please note that SMTP authentication must be set.


FTP Instructions

You can begin uploading your files immediately.

FTP host address: (this can be used until propagation is complete) Or (this can be used once propagation is complete) Critical Note:
In order for your pages to be viewed on the internet, they must be uploaded into the public_html folder. Please also note file names are case sensitive on a Linux server. Your first page on your account should be named “index.html”.

WsFTP Setup Help:

CuteFTP Setup Help:

SmartFTP Setup Help:

* You understand and agree that shared server space is for business and personal website operations only hosted by Lunarpages and not for unrelated data storage.



Domain Name Instructions

Critical Note

In order to use your own domain name at Lunarpages you must change the name servers to the following:


If your registrar requires the IP addresses:

Tutorial on How To Change DNS Servers:


You must visit your registrar (the website where you purchased your domain) to complete this action.

NOTE: You must allow up to 72 hours from the time you change your domain name servers for the domain to work. It takes all registrars this long for your domain changes to reach all the world’s servers.

If you purchased your domain from Lunarpages, it has already been done!


Anonymous Domain

After registering a new domain, your personal information is readily available on the Internet via a whois search ( To ensure your anonymity, Lunarpages has Anonymous Domain Registration available. For more information, please contact


Advanced Options

Lunarpages has the capacity to support several scripting languages including PHP4 and PERL5

Path to Perl 5: /usr/bin/perl

Perl 5路径:/usr/bin/perl
Path to your HOME directory: /home/USER/public_html/


Path to your CGI-BIN directory: /home/USER/public_html/cgi-bin

CGI-BIN 目录:/home/USER/public_html/cgi-bin

PHP4 scripts will run from any directory in your site (once DNS propogation is complete, within 72 hours of signup).

All other script documentation, including how to use MySQL, can be found in your Lunarpages Administration Panel.

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